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How to place order

1.   Simply click "add to cart" button and please provide mailing address, your e-mail and contact number.

2.   Our staff will confirm back (normally within 2 days) your order, goods, order amount and delivery fee.

3.   After our confirmation notice, please make your payment (as shown in "Payment" tab).

4.   Notify your payment method and just wait for your order (Delivery schedule as shown in "Payment" tab).

5.  Please always notify your payment to us by 1 of these 3 ways :

     - Fax your pay in slip, transfer slip from ATM.

     - Call to our staff (please specify your order no., transfer amount, transfer date and time).

     - Post in our webboard, specify payment notice.

6. Please specify these important information : Name, Order no., Transfered amount, Bank, Date and time of transaction (aproximately) in your payment notice.

7. If you notify your payment by phone, please let us have time (normally 1-2 days) to confirmed amount with bank then we'll do delivery your order.


***Remark: Price shown is excluding delivery fee***


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